"This law has as its first and general principle, 'to do good and to avoid evil." - Pope Benedict XVI

The Catholic Lawyers Guild of Kansas City was founded in 2007. The purpose of the Guild is to provide Catholic legal professionals with a network of individuals who share the faith and tradition of the Catholic Church. The primary event that the Guild sponsors is the Annual Red Mass and reception. The Guild also sponsors a monthly lecture series, occasional general meetings, fundraisers, socials, a family summer event, and the end of year Christmas meeting and social. Further, the Guild is working to establish a relationship with local Catholic charitable entities to create a network for its members to help the Church in the community. 

Board Members 

Erik Bendorf                                 2018 President 

Brendan McPherson                 2018 Vice-President/Secretary 

Eddie Greim                                  2018 Treasurer 

Chris Kopecky                               Immediate Past President 

Joshua McCaig                              Past President 

Dan Kelly 

Angela Markley 

John Weist 

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